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If you’re wondering why there’s a period in the title of this entry, there isn’t really a specific reason. It’s in everyone’s best interest that you don’t ask.

Everyone would normally introduce themselves in their first blog entry, but I’d preferably not say anything. I mean, do you really care about how old I am or what I had for dinner? Do you care/don’t you already know that it’s almost summer and blah blah blah? Probably not.

Today, I randomly decided that I should make a blog because I was inspired to. It’s been like that for a while: I think of something, I do it. I actually can’t wait to get out of school, so I could do whatever the fuck I want – to bluntly put it. Normal kids would go have a party and hang out with their friends because it’s fun, but I’ve got no friends. Well, no friends with me at the moment. No, I’m not an emo kid or a mysteriously stoic but hot vampire (damn you Twilight). I just have the inability to sustain a mutual relationship.

Maybe that’s not the best way to start this blog. Dammit, I probably scared everyone away already. Ne, too late now!

I’ll start ranting if I don’t get right to the point, so here it goes. Somehow, at my age, I have a very philosophical mindset. Maybe I’m serious. Maybe I’m paranoid, who really knows? I have my own religion, I do my own stunts, I enjoy killing insects in many different ways. I guess I could be described as crazy awesome, but I’m much too happy-go-lucky to seem like much. I like TV tropes a lot, they make me laugh. Despite how I type and seem, I suppose I’m cute. Maybe it’s my chipmunk voice. I have a strong sense of standing up for people and I am shamelessly biased but try to be chaotic neutral anyway. My pride/paranoia gets in the way of everything: even to continue this list. You’ll figure out eventually how I do things, but you’ll never really get it. At all.

Hopefully, the introduction I gave you will help untangle your mind once I confuse you to no ends.

Today, my teacher L Piazza caught me trying to trick her. I opened up my binder today and looked at a take home test. “SHIT”. There’s many things wrong with me, I hate to admit. One of them being my lack of memory, and I didn’t remember anything about this test. I remember a voice saying take home test, but that was it. It didn’t take a genius to figure out it was due that day, but I decided to get started on it in class despite it being already due. Maybe she would take it anyway if it was still turned in today. Hey, I’m an idealist.

Halfway through this take home test, I looked around and saw that L Piazza wasn’t really looking at me at all. Maybe I could pass it off as a “Look! I found it, it’s a miracle!” situation. That’s what I went with, but I was really surprised that she actually knew what I was doing. First, I asked to go to my locker in hopes of “finding” the test I “forgot/lost”, and she said I needed to have it. “There’s always an exception,” L Piazza repeated… I somehow felt she was already on to me. However, I continued shuffling innocently through my bag and pulled out the test. By then, I already knew she knew and was waiting for the blow when I saw her face.

She didn’t mention the word “lie” when she scolded me about it and she took the test anyway. Then, I wished that she’d just fallen for my trick. Not because of the obvious reason, but so I wouldn’t have to deal with the mind-wrenching question that came back to me. I thought I already solved it. All the other kids who didn’t have the test didn’t get the chance, and they would fail. I was the only exception, I always was. Why was I so special?

It may not seem like much, but after having shit like this happen to you throughout your life, you begin to wonder why your god/goddess made you the lucky one.

Ahh, it’s time for bed. I’ve got an annoying cough and the music in my laptop is starting to become unsatisfactory. At least I get a lacrosse stick tomorrow. That should be fun. Maybe I could practice hitting people with it or something. I’ll try not to bore you as much if I’m in a good mood tomorrow. C:


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